Soccer Coaching Tips

#1 Soccer Coaching Tip: Stay Focused

One of the most important soccer coaching tips is to stay focused. Coaches who allow their practice sessions to jump from one move to the next with no sense of plan will confuse their athletes and make them lose interest.

By staying focused, coaches can implement several soccer coaching tips in one. For instance, to stay focused, coaches usually need to have a plan, which is our next soccer coaching tip. They also need to assert their authority appropriately.


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Plan Things Out

Coaches without a plan will have a difficult time leading soccer practices. All coaches should prepare ahead of time so they know what will happen first when athletes arrive, how long they want to spend on each part of practice, and what will happen at the end of practice.

Soccer Coaching Tips

Coaches who have already planned things out are less likely to get caught off-guard when something goes wrong, because they may have already foreseen the issue during the planning stages.

Assert Authority Appropriately

The coach needs to be the final authority during soccer practices and games. Without that sense of hierarchy, athletes will feel that they do not have to listen to instructions, follow along, or participate. By insisting that athletes treat each other and him/herself with respect, the coach asserts a healthy sense of authority and ensures that things run smoothly.

Get Engaged

Coaches need to be engaged with athletes at all times, interacting with them. Though one coaching method is to stay hands-off and allow athletes to figure things out themselves, a better coaching method is to actively work with athletes to fix problems in technique or execution. By showing athletes that they care, the coach builds trust with athletes and promotes a safe, enjoyable environment.

Make Teamwork a Priority

Because soccer is a team game, athletes need to respect and understand each other. Coaches should build a sense of team through different activities designed to introduce the athletes to each other, require them to work together to find a solution, and learn to like and trust each other.

Some teams will be better at teamwork than others, without fail. Personalities sometimes conflict to the point where a good soccer practice is one where there are no arguments or hurt feelings. To encourage even these teams to find common ground, the coach should engage all athletes by showing them that they are a team and that no one member can achieve as much alone as he/she can with their team.

Final Thoughts

There are countless soccer coaching tips, but those listed above constitute the most important and the ones coaches can employ immediately. By having a plan, coaches can more easily assert their authority. They can also stay focused easier because they already know what is coming next. By staying engaged with the athletes and showing them that teamwork is essential to success, coaches put their teams on the right track to build positive relationships and win soccer games.> Soccer Coaching > Soccer Coaching Tips

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