WARNING: These are the Soccer coaching secrets
elite programs DON'T want you to know!

“Don't Even Think About Going
To Your Next Soccer Practice
Until You Read This!"

Desk of: Coach Steve Parker

Dear Coach,

"10-0-1, Division Champs!"

"Your system is a real time saver. It takes less time to prepare for practice, so I have more time for my family. On the field, we went 10-0-1 and won our division!"

John Scheuing
Donegal Storm
Mount Joy, Pa. U.S.A.

"Makes It Easier To Coach"

"My favorite part was the pre-planned sessions and variety of drills. It makes it all easier to coach."

Steve Juknaitis
Edge Hill Junior Under 11
Cairns, Australia

"Everything was pre-designed and easy to use."

Jason Fun
DOC United

"Doubled Our Wins!"

"Using your system, we doubled our wins from last year! It gave me fresh ideas that were easy to understand and implement. The plans were also easy to modify and adjust."

Ed McComiskey
Ridgewood High School Rams
New Port Richey, FL

"Easy To Use"

"Your system has a variety of good drills and is easy to use."

Joseph Wilson
MUSC United
Perkasie PA USA

"From Winless To 2nd Place"

"The system cut my prep time in half, and the plans gave me a clear struture. Last year, we did not win a game and this year we only lost twice and finished in second place!"

Ryan Marquez
Bonita, CA

"Just 10 Minutes To Prepare For Practice"

"Loved all the choices in drills. With your plans, It takes just 10 minutes tops to prepare for practice!"

Coach diPierro
MC Shooting Stars
Manasquan, NJ

"We Went 8-2-1!"

"Loved having the practice premade plans. It gives you a blueprint to structure practice as well as useful activities. We went 8-2-1!"

Kevin Wegenke
Huron Storm
Huron, SD USA

"Helped My Practice Organization"

"A good tool that provided help in my practice organization."

Coach Tom
Springfield, Illinois

"Very Simply Explained"

"Very simply explained and focuses on fundamentals and repetitive drilling."

Vic Perez
Christian youth soccer league
Ridge, NY

"Works Great"

"The games that teach them skills work great because they don't realize they're actually doing drills."

Coach Lee Womble
Williston 12U Red Devils
williston fla/usa

"Makes practice easy to run and life a lot easier."

Craig Scott
Killarney Districts Sydney, N.S.W, Australia

English Coach Says...

"I liked how it was orientated around the kids. We are starting to gel as a team."

Jason Colehall
Lane Colts FC
Birmingham, England

"Helps Me Organize My Time"

"The drills are very useful help me organize my time, and keep my girls busy... a great resource."

George Perez
Orlando, Florida

"Quick Easy Setup"

"Gave me a quick easy setup for effective practices."

Patrick Neborg
Horsham Hurricanes
Horsham, Pennsylvania

"Made Training More Fun"

"Your system was easy to use and made training more fun."

Chris Withcott
Qld Australia

"We Went 8-2!"

The drills are easy to understand drills and the efficiency of the practice is improved. We went 8-2!"

Lauren M.
Annicchiarico Tigers
Tabernacle, NJ/USA

"Fun... With No Complaining"

"With your system, I was able to create a weeks worth of practice in just 30 min. The drills helped me and my team have a fun practice but a skill/ learning/ hard working practice with no complaining."

Debbie Hood
Woodbridge, Va

"Makes Practice Interesting

"Easy to follow, saves me time and makes practices interesting and profitable."

Jim Plunkitt
Lighting Bolts Boys U9
Spokane, Washington

"A Wealth Of Useful Hints"

"Your book has a wealth of useful hints, skill drills,fitnees trainin gides and game/formation related practice plans. It keeps the team focused so development is faster."

Matthew Blackwell
Ottawa Royals
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

"Uses My Coaching Time More Efficiently"

"I would recommend Soccer Drills and Practice Plans to other coaches because it really helps organize the team and allows me to use my coaching time more efficiently."

Jim Callahan
Usual Suspects
La Mesa, CA, USA

Canadian Coach Says...

"I have been coaching for the last 3 seasons at the developmental Premier, and Division 1 level. Your system gave me more focused training sessions to meet specific needs of the team."

John Codiac
First Touch Football Club
Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

"This Is My Bible For Soccer"

"This is my bible for soccer. Using your system we went 8-2 in the indoor season."

Terry Clauson
Sunrise Rowdies
Citrus Heights, CA

12-0-1 Season!

"Your book helped me become a better coach. The activities were well explained, and we improved our footwork and team play, going 12-0-1 this season."

Mike Kraus
Kenton Bulldogs
Buffalo, NY

"A great tool. My favorite part was the illustrations."

Ron Cox
Arsenal U14
Land O Lakes FL

"Kept The Kids Interested"

"The plans were easy to use kept the kids interested. It helps make the practices fun and challenging for all levels."

Coach Alec
San Diego, CA

JV Coach Says...

"It gives confidence to the team to know their coach is organized and keeps the practice flowing. It also gives me choices depending upon how many kids show for practice."

Linda Wetzel
James I. O'Neill
HS Raiders (JV team)
Highland Falls, NY

"Easy to use, detailed, and informative"

Steve Coates
Team Blast
Valparaiso, IN

"Gold In Our Division"

"Like everyone, I am busy, so anything that helps organize is a great tool. With your system, we ended up 12-3-4 for league play, won Gold in our division and Silver in the Inter-City Playoffs. It has everything for a beginer coach to someone more seasoned.

John Acevedo
Silver Bullets (U14 Boys)
Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada

"Makes Life Easier"

"The pre-designed practice plans make life easier. It's a great tool for coaches on overall planning and ideas of the game."

Dave Shaw
Cheetah Girls U12
Sacramento , Ca

"Made It Easier To Be Consistent"

"Your system helped get the players "into the basics", and made it easier for me to keep the main point of the practice (shooting, ball control) consistant across all the drills."

Chris C
Niceville, FL

"Dummy Proof"

"Your coaching system is great... step by step and dummy proof."

Sam Walters
Westmont United Thunder
Limerick PA

High School Coach Says

"A great resource particularly for those HS coaches who do not work at the school and come from full time positions. I have used practice plans for 15 years but yours really helped last season."

John Fuller
Connelly School of the Holy Child High School
Potomac, Maryland

"A big time saver."

Madison, WI

"Takes About 5 Minutes"

"A great guide for new coaches to better arrange there time and to help in ideas for training. Practice now takes about five minutes to set up."

Michael Broer
Salisbury East Soccer club
Adelaide, Australia

"Covers all aspects of the game"

Cal Dwyer
CBS U14A Boys
NL, Canada

Other Coaches Say
"Wow! How Organized!"

"I liked how everything was explained, I could give a printed copy of that days drill to my assistant with no questions asked. Instead, Iget a big 'WOW, how organized! from other coaches. The practices work, because your working from paper and not winging it."

Jim Powell

In just a moment, I'm gonna show you how to quickly and easily propel your Soccer team to winning more games than you ever thought possible.

(and make your role as a coach 100 times easier and more enjoyable than it’s ever been before)

Since 2005, over 2,451 busy Soccer coaches just like you have tapped into the “Insider Secrets” that sent their teams skyrocketing to the top of the standings...

With very little time, and almost no effort.

It doesn't matter how little (or how much) experience you have as a Soccer coach... or how poorly your team is playing right now...

You can instantly start blowing your competition off the field with laser-guided passes, airtight ball control and a relentless attack.

(even if your players are small, slow or unathletic)

I know it sounds a bit crazy... maybe even a little hard to believe.

So before we go any further, lemme show you the specific kinds of results I’m talking about...

Gilles Parent is an ex-soccer player who took over his local U11 team last year. Despite his playing experience, he struggled to organize his practices and prepare his team.

Here's how Gilles describes it:

"In the past, I had a tendancy to try too many different skills with my players in a short period of time. Your system helped me to concentrate on a specific theme for each practice period. With your help, we had 13 wins 2 losses, and won the championship!"

Gilles Parent
Dynamo de Hull
Hull, Quebec,

Scott Brookens in Port Allegeny was blown away with how simple and easy it was to implement my coaching system with his high school team. Here's what he had to say:

"Your system totally simplifies the coaching thought process. Everything is already organized and set up. All I have to do is follow the plan."

Scott Brookens
Port Allegany Gators
Port Allegany, PA

And Josh Katz's U6 team powered their way to a 9-1 recoord, having loads of (stress-free) fun along the way.

"I followed your program to the tee and our time is finally well organized. We were about 9-1 and your drills/games helped throughout the season!"

Josh Katz
Purple Panthers
SCSA Shooters Division
Cincinnati, OH


So What’s Their Secret?

What do these coaches know that you don’t?

The fact is... most rookie coaches (as well as many "vets") murder their chances of success before they even walk onto the field.

Because they completely miss the one simple strategy that truly creates a high performance soccer team:

Practice Planning
The RIGHT Way!

If you've ever watched a great youth or high school practice... you've already seen this principle in action.

The drills are fun... competitive... and follow a natural skill progression…

The entire team is on the same page, and sticks to a precise practice schedule.

All your players get detailed instruction on soccer fundamentals...

AND the chance to go head-to-head against their teammates in "small sided" and game situation drills.

Each activity flows smoothly from one to another… new concepts are grasped immediately…

And your team gets instantly “programmed” with every skill, tactic and play...


So when it comes to game time, YOUR kids are better trained, better prepared, and better coached

And they clobber your competition while you sit back and enjoy the moment.

But if effective practice planning was easy, then every Tom, Dick and Harry would be coaching a championship caliber team.

The fact is... practice planning ain't easy. It's complex, time consuming, and nerve-racking.

But it doesn't have to be...

Because I've prepared a very special package just for you...

And if you act today, you can get your hands my championship-proven stash of

59 Fully Diagrammed Soccer
Drills... and 25 "Clipboard Ready"
Pre-Designed Practice Plans!

You'll never be stuck flat-footed on the field, wondering "What the heck am I gonna do next?"

Cuz these "magic" Soccer blueprints are completely pre-formulated with a minute-by-minute program...

Guaranteed To Eliminate
Soccer Coaching Stress!

Each practice plan is jam-packed with easy-to-implement, outrageously effective Soccer drills that are customizable for any level - from U6 to Varsity High School.

And every drill is explained in plain English with fully illustrated diagrams, step by step instructions and coaching tips.

In fact, this coaching resource is loaded with so many championship proven dribbling... passing... shooting... attacking... defending and possession drills…

You’ll never struggle for practice ideas again!


soccer drills & practice plans

Here Are Some Of The Soccer
Coaching Secrets You'll Learn...

59 UNIQUE, FUN and EFFECTIVE Soccer drills explained with step by step instructions. I GUARANTEE you'll find tons that you've never run before.
25 Pre-Designed Clipboard Ready Practice Plans... fully printable and ready for instant use!
The simple 4 step formula even a “rookie coach" can use to design super-efficient, masters-level practices that’ll have opposing coaches spying from the bleachers

"I Just Cut and Paste!"

"I just cut and paste into a session and it keeps my training fresh. Using your plans, the attendance/ retention of my sessions has grown as the word has spread! They really work!"

Keith Hick
St Ives Rangers
Cambridge, England 

The biggest mistake new coaches make when running Soccer tryouts (and how to avoid this embarrassing slip-up)
The secret to maintaining control of the game by staying aggressive, winning the ball, and getting to the goal
How to get out of the practice rut! Players like variety – and there is life after laps around the field!

"Prep Time Was Reduced Dramatically"

"I appreciated the different levels of skills and variations to drills to increase technique. My prep time was reduced dramatically because know I can focus on splitting the players by skill."

Coach Marcus

22 simple strategies to teach passing and shooting skills. Including:

- Soccer Tennis (pg 22)
- Heading Ladder (pg 28)
- Level 3 Passing Circle (pg 25)
- and many more...

The easy 90 second "trick" that teaches young players to see the field better and recognize opportunities made available by opposing defenses

21 all-new Ball Control and Defensive Drills built right into the Practice Plans, including:

- Z Turns (pg 12)
- Fighting Roosters (pg 14)
- Long Pass Control (pg 16)
- and many more...

Your players and their parents will be utterly amazed and blown away with your coaching IQ (even if this is all new to you!).

"Parents Are Impressed..."

"Parents have been impressed with the structure of practices and the emphasis on fundamentals as they translate to game situations. The boys enjoy the drills and I am enjoying coaching. Your practice plans are a treasure."

-Bob Gibson
Greenwood, Indiana

A truly “no brainer” (yet usually overlooked) way to help your players become "smart on the ball"

The single most important skill youth Soccer players need to learn (and why it’s usually overlooked)
How to teach players to move to open spaces on the field and improve their communication with teammates
Progressive drills for beginner, intermediate, and advanced players.

"Moved Up A Division"

"I loved being able to look up a category that I needed to work on and find drills to fit our needs. We moved up into an A division from a B division, and our record still improved - to 6 wins 3 losses 1 ties."

Jennifer Mavrorasakis
Blue Lightning
Garnerville, NY

This system covers such a wide range of Soccer skills, it'll be the only coaching resource you'll EVER need

16 innovative Tactical drills that keep your practices fun and fresh (and deliver head-shaking results!) You'll learn:

-Caterpiller (pg 30)
-Corner Kick Challenge (pg 33)
-Pass Recognition Drill (pg 36)
-and many more...

Unique, innovative ideas that will add FUN into your practices (here's a hint... one of them uses paint cans and candy!)
Insider tips on attacking and defending corners, free kicks and throw-ins

"It Was a Lot of Fun!"

"The kids really enjoyed the paint cans hanging from the cross bar with candy on top of them. We did different shooting drills and if they hit the can they got the candy. This season we were moved up to the A division from the B, and the team was still 8-1-1. It was a lot of fun beating the teams we had normally lost to!

Coach Larry
Spirit U11 girls
Lewisville ,TX

The single biggest secret to developing tactical awareness and support around the ball

Minute by minute practice formulas including warm-up, fundamentals, and game prep.

How to teach a “skill progression”… starting with the basic fundamentals and working up to advanced skills (kids learn skills 3-5 times faster when structured this way!)

"Easy To Follow And Implement"

"Our biggest improvement was that the girls learned how to pass the ball to space, and the plans were easy to follow and implement."

Rose C.
Toronto, Ontario

The CORRECT way to structure your water breaks (do this wrong and you could seriously risk the health of your players!)
A simple 3 minute technique high school players can use to instantly improve passing accuracy
How to light up the scoreboard with massive offensive production (just by teaching a few simple attack strategies)
Printable practice plans- clipboard ready. All the fun of coaching, without the hassle.
4 ways to inject intensity and competition into your practices (Hint: it's all about simulating game situations)

"Increased The Intensity of My Practices"

"Your Drills & Practice Plans are well written, easy to understand, and increased the intensity of my practices."

-Charles Montgomery
SJMV 6th graders
Mountain View, CA

How to use small sided games to give your players more touches and rapidly develop their skills
Jealously guarded drills to develop goaltending fundamentals

Parents: Give your little guy or girl a headstart, with 11 fun soccer games designed just for "future stars", including:

-"Stuck in the mud" (pg 10)
-"Spaceman" (pg 11)
-"Catch the Tiger's Tail (pg 15)
- and many more...

The A-B-C formula for developing a dominant defensive pressure system
3 tips to help your players change direction on the move and push the first touch away from pressure
Impress seasoned Soccer parents with your new knowledge of the game

"Parents Are Proud..."

"The practice plans help to keep me on track and work harder as a coach to optimize the little time that I have with them. The girls are playing their hearts out, and the parents are PROUD of their accomplishments."

-Conrado Chavez
Springfield, MA

How to use early communication and ball pressure to force the ball wide and completely shut down your opponent's attack
How to crank up the “fun factor” in your practice… while keeping your players focused and motivated (HINT: it’s all about using “competitive drills”)

And much, much more.

You'll have a virtual encyclopedia of soccer know-how that’s designed specifically for coaches.

And it’s organized into fully searchable chapters for beginner, intermediate and advanced teams, so you'll actually use it over and over.

Think Of All The
Time You'll Save...

And how good it'll feel to run a mega-efficient practice that's guaranteed to impress ANY assistant coach, team parent or school official.

Coaches have paid $97 to get just a snippet of this no-holds-barred soccer coaching system.

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You Can Be Discovering These Soccer
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The entire "Soccer Drills and Practice Plans" system is included in a downloadable ebook.

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You can start coaching the right way at your very next practice (Heck... I suggest you get started tonight!)

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Special Bonus Report #1

"Soccer Tryout Secrets"

Whether you coach a competitive team or a recreational "no-cut" team, this special report will show you exactly how to select the best possible players... without caving into political pressure.

Learn the closely guarded secrets of my Team Selection Matrix, a scientific approach to evaluating your pool of talent
How to choose the optimal number of players for your team - targeted advice for all levels of competition
Insider tips on how to announce your cuts (Here's a hint: posting the team roster on the gym bulletin board is bound to backfire!)
How to insulate yourself and protect your tryouts from prying parents and nosy officials
How to pick the best players for the end of your bench. This time-tested secret may surprise you!
What to look for when filling each of the positions for your team
A fresh approach on the value of Attitude, Coachability, Athleticism, and Potential. How to decide the importance of these factors when selecting your team
A ready-made Soccer Tryout Plan, with minute-by-minute instructions from start to finish. Two full hours of drills and coaching tips to isolate fundamental strengths and weaknesses.

And much more....

This amazing resource could easily sell for $29.00 on its own... but it's yours FREE if your order today!

Coach Raves About Tryout Matrix

"I liked how your tryouts matrix gave me a point system to evaluate players. It also gives the players a chance to see how they are specifically being evaluated and cuts down preparation time significantly. The teams record is 6 and 1 so far.

I have recommended this to other coaches at my school and shared this information. They have welcomed it and incorporated it into their coaching."

-Phil Farrol
Western Academy of Beijing
Beijing China

Special Bonus #2

"Lifetime Soccer Coaching Updates!"

The game of soccer is constantly changing... and these updates will keep you on the cutting edge of developments in the sport.

All updates to my Soccer Drills & Practice Plans will be delivered directly to your inbox, free of charge. You'll receive:

Online video content featuring new Soccer coaching strategies
Coaching tips, articles, and advice
Recommended resources for coaching certification, team websites, soccer coaching software and more...
Opportunities to network and share knowledge with other coaches

And much more....

"Practices Run So Smoothly..."

"This is a helpful guide for any coach- new or experienced.
With the easy layout and descriptions, I can throw a practice together in no time, and practices run so smoothly. The drill and plans have helped those with little experience while pushing those with a lot."

-Jen Simkins
Timberwolves (Middle School)
Rochester NH

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No matter how horrible your team is playing right now… and no matter how impossible it seems… you're just 90 seconds away from running stunningly effective soccer practices that'll improve your team by leaps and bounds on the very first night.

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Just follow the step by step drill instructions, use the coaching tips, and let the practice unfold.

(each plan is formulated to be 100% dummy-proof, no matter how little coaching experience you have)

And while your team is zipping through the drills like greased lightning, dramatically improving their skills and having loads of fun while your practice runs on "auto-pilot"...

You can sit back and smile with complete confidence...

Because you're covered by the most insanely generous guarantee in the soccer business!



Test drive one of my Soccer Practice Plans. If you don't have the Best Practice your team has EVER had

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So order now and instantly improve your soccer team today! You’re gonna love what you discover.

To a successful season,

Coach Steve Parker

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PPS - Still not convinced? Listen to the feedback sent in by coaches just like you...

"Advanced Into Post Season Play
For The First Time!"

"Your book covered a variety of topics and helped to keep on task. Even though we moved into a much more competitive conference we still advanced into post season play for the first time.

I have recomended it to several of the youth coaches in our program just because it gives prepared drills to address the skills needed."

Jeff Downing
Zimmerman High School Thunder
Zimmerman, MN


Pro Soccer Player Says...

"I played pro for 3 years (philadelphia fury 1983-84)(new york cosmos 1982) and even i need a little focus and direction from someone who researched and layed down a simple and thorough plan of action. Your drills really gave me the direction that i was looking for to fine tune the team in the short span of time i had. I had a better way to manage the practices in a tuned and focuseed manner as opposed to doing whatever came to mind. Using your system, our record was 8-1-2 and we won the indoor championship game in penalty shots!"

Norberto A. Luna jr.
Perth Amboy,NJ


"Loved The Flexibility... We Went 7-2!"

"I loved the flexability of changing drills on the fly. With the help of your system, we went 7-2 during the Allstar Season"

Coach Adam
El Cajon Allstars
El Cajon, CA


"I Would Highly Recommend This Book"

"The drills were easy to understand and follow, and gave our girls confidence that they could play with the older teams. I would highly recommend this book to other coaches, especially if other coaches did not grow up playing the sport or did not have a good coach when they were players."

Greg McCown
Texarkana, TX


"The Parents Coach Less From The Sideline
And Leave It Up To You"

"By being well prepared and organised, the parents coach less from the sideline and leave it up to you. The plans were easy to read, practical and suitable for all age groups. It now takes me minutes to prepare for each practice and I use the various practice plans to develop weaknesses and re-enforce strengths.

Overall, the team developed nicely and became stronger and more confident within themselves as the season progressed. There was a lot more teamwork."

Joe Reppucci
U11 Gold
Adelaide, South Australia


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