Free Soccer Drills

Soccer drills are the foundation of any soccer practice, and free soccer drills are no different. Free soccer drills help athletes practice important skills they will use in competition. Drills also allow for teambuilding exercises and encourage perfection of technique through repetition.

Bounce Bounce Pass

Free Soccer Drills

The Bounce Bounce Pass is one of many free soccer drills that coaches can use for athletes at different levels. In this drill, athletes are split into groups of two. Each group gets one soccer ball. The first player must bounce the ball to himself twice, balancing the ball on each ankle. This constitutes the “bounce bounce” portion of the drill.

Athletes can then let the ball hit the ground and immediately pass it to their partner, who repeats the bounce bounce portion and passes it back. This drill is highly customizable, allowing coaches to make the difficulty match the level of the players. For example, more advances players can pass the ball without letting it hit the ground, forcing the players to have more control over the bounce and better aim.

For elite players, coaches can have them bounce the ball not off their ankle but off their knee or their head before passing it. By using these varieties, coaches can get more life out of one simple drill and challenge players to become better athletes.


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Running Shot Relay

In this free soccer drill, athletes split into two teams. Each team should have soccer balls placed at even intervals along the length of the field, one ball for each athlete in line. Players can either start facing the same direction, aiming at the same goal, or opposite, aiming at different goals. If players aim at opposite goals, there must be an adult volunteer or coach stationed at each goal.

On the coach’s whistle, the first player in line takes the first soccer ball and dribbles with it, running down the field toward their goal. When the player reaches the goal, he or she must take a shot. There should be no goalie protecting the goal. If the player does not make the shot, he or she must retrieve the ball and try again.

As soon as the athlete has made the shot, the next player in line sprints to the second ball on the field and starts again. As soon as the second athlete makes their shot, the third player sprints to the third ball in line and starts the dribbling toward the goal. This continues until all players have retrieved their balls and made a “goal” in their designated area. The first team to have all players successfully shoot a goal wins. This is also a great drill to add to your soccer conditioning program.

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The free soccer drills presented in this guide will help any coach customize a program that is right for their athletes. These drills focus on specific skills and let athletes practice a skill repetitively, allowing them to perfect technique. Drills should be sprinkled throughout the practice and should be given sufficient time.> Soccer Drills > Free Soccer Drills

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